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Intermodal / Rail

APS Technology Group offers solutions and services to automate railroad and intermodal operations that occur both inside a facility and throughout a transportation network. Our resources benefit from years of experience designing and implementing solutions for the largest class 1 railroads and local transportation entities like the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority.

The goal of our rail/intermodal solutions is to provide our clients with tools to automate the data collection and verification of cargo and equipment moving throughout their facilities in real-time. With our cutting-edge intermodal solutions, our clients improve their operating ratios by increasing terminal and yard efficiency, reducing manual labor and operational costs, improving system capacities, and meeting the expectations of their customers.

We currently offer these turn-key solutions for intermodal facilities:

  • Automated Gate Systems (AGS) to speed the flow and inspection of trucks, drivers and equipment through a terminals entry and exit gates.
    See Gate Kiosk and the Gate OCR Portal.
  • Automated inventory solutions to identify and maintain real-time location of rail equipment and containers as it enters and is switched over multiple tracks.
    See Rail Equipment Tracking System.
  • Automated CONSIST and EDI verification and creation
    See Rail OCR
  • Matchmaker Tractor ID System to automate the container handoff and tracking of trucks as they deliver and receive containers during the yard and train operations.