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APS offers turn-key automation solutions proven to improve the productivity of both marine container terminal and Intermodal/Railroad operations. In our view, the role of a technology provider in today’s competitive marketplace is to work hand in hand to understand the minute details of a client’s operations. We feel offering complete, turn-key solutions that include all civil works, hardware, software and support associated with a project, eases the strain placed on clients internal personnel and allows them to address their need to increase throughput, productivity and security while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

For marine container terminals, APS offers a variety of solutions to improve:

  • Gate operations
  • Crane/vessel operations
  • On-dock rail operations
  • Yard Inventory
  • Security and Safety

More information regarding our marine terminal solutions can be found here.

For Rail and Intermodal ramps, APS provides solutions to automate:

  • Intermodal train inventory (mainline and terminal)
  • CONSIST verification and creation
  • Intermodal gate operations
  • Track inventory for terminal or interchange yard
  • Wheeled container inventory
  • Security and Safety

More information regarding our Rail/Intermodal solutions can be found here.

Integrated supply chain security procedures are now a requirement for most port authorities and container terminals around the world. APS provides real-time, automated ID of containers and other equipment moving through Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) and other container scanning systems such as Nuclear Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM’s) and X-Ray scanners at truck gates and container cranes.

More information regarding our Security solutions can be found here.