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Automation Readiness Analysis & Design:

Before launching any project, our consulting and project management resources work closely with you to review your operating scenarios and productivity metrics and define your goals. Through this “Automation Readiness” review, our team establishes clear project specifications and requirements, operational milestones, and risks. Using this information, the APS team outlines a host of possible solutions to achieve your objectives. We combine this with detailed KPI improvement results and financial/ROI data to clarify the real value of the project before you start.

Terminal Infrastructure & Civil Works:

Every system is designed from the ground up, starting with the existing site considerations, traffic flows and operational analysis. Our staff of engineers and CAD technicians work with your engineering group or local contractor to provide all the electrical, communications and construction design aspects of a project.

Systems Integration:

Smooth and seamless integration is designed into every system because we know this is a key factor for performance. We work with a variety of data formats and protocols to insure compatibility with any Terminal Operating System (TOS).

Project Management:

Whether it involves our systems or not, APS provides certified Project Management resources who lead and manage complex IT projects with a combination of industry best practices and terminal systems knowledge.  Our services include gathering functional requirements, conducting vendor qualifications, drafting RFP and RFP documents, and managing terminal operating systems (TOS) data integration.